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Catherine Eberle Devaux is the head of tudor replica's museum. She oversees a collection that belongs to a masculine brand. She giggles when she confirms that tudor replica is a male brand, but if we have to start with stereotypes, then 'heritage" is more of a female thing. This position is perfect for me because I love passionate stories, watchmakers' art, and digging into archives.

tudor replica's rich history, dating back to 1861, is itsheritage, which she believes is the reason for the creation of a department. Its mission is to preserve, restore, and value the company’s past. Jean-Claude Biver's motto is "No tradition, no tomorrow", which motivates us every day.audemars piguet royal oak tourbillon replica This is what I have been doing for the past few years.

Eberle-Devaux collaborates with a team that analyzes museum timepieces. The goal is to compile a complete database of all tudor replica cases including production dates. Watchanalysis provides information about how the watches were made, as well as details that have not been found before about the suppliers. Eberle-Devaux says: "That's how that wehad the confirmation HugueninFreres was a case-supplier."


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Catherine Eberle Devaux, Head of tudor replica Museum

Her department conducts research on specific models and restores watches for customers around the globe. The museum inventoried all of the company's New Old Stock components (NOS), and discovered that some are not usable for different reasons. Singer's Singer branch also helps with restoration of dials. She said,tudor replica "This can save a watch by keeping the original dial. Andasa adds that I initiated work with other departments at tudor replica to reproduce in-house components that are not available.Rolex Day-Date II Replica It was a bezel that Autavia used in its early days. To avoid confusion, it is marked 'tudor replica’ on the back. MrBiver has asked us to combine our expertise and knowledge for this important project.

Collectors and enthusiasts are bursting at the seams with questions about the many historic tudor replica models. These include: "Is Gerald Genta involved in the design of Cortina?" "Was Calculator co-developed by the ETH [Swiss Federal Institute ofTechnology] of Zurich?"

Chronographs & Motorport

Eberle-Devaux recognizes that tudor replica's roots have been deeply rooted in motor racing. People think of the 1960s and 1970s drivers, but it is possible to start earlier in our history with the Time of Trip dashboard timer for cars and planes. The complication was to show the time of your trip, which is very useful for checking your fuel reserve.

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