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It's one thing that u-boat replica watches represent never-before-achieved levels of shock-resistance and ergonomic comfort. They would also break the world record for the lightest mechanical watches ever made, breaking it three times. All that technical credibility is useless if you don't fall in love with them the first time you see them. The first time I witnessed the u-boat replica RM 001 inthe flesh was like Ursula Andress rising out of thesealike Botticelli's Venus, accompanied bytheKarntnertortheater Orchestra's 1824 performance of Beethoven's "Odeto Joy".

I was shocked and shaken to the core. It was unlike any other watch I've ever seen. It was breathtaking to see. Its ultra-modern tonneau design is as beautiful as Ferrari's 250 GTO body and just as erotically charged. It's the perfect combination of soft concupiscent curves and masculine super-aggressive angles. Mille says, "I came up with the shape after I couldn't fall asleep one night." I wanted a form that would fit perfectly on the wrist of a human being. It had to have a natural sensuality, but also express my obsession with technicality and performance. I took a soap bar with me to the hotel's bathroom and started cutting it with a knife. This soap stayed with me when I returned home. It eventually broke, and I made a cardboard prototype. Thatwasthegenesis."

Mille had an idea for a completely new type of watch, and so did his design philosophy. Mille explains that he wanted to make his first watch the same way an F1 team designs their car. This meant that the entire process was shared by the team responsible for the chassis, engine and body, as well as the team in charge aerodynamics and driver.Rolex Day-Date Replica All with the understanding that the objectives had to be ultimate comfort, shock-resistance,durability, accuracy, andlight weight."

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Donze-Baume created an ergonomically-comfortable watch case made of tripartite that matched the contours of the wrist. A representative from the famed Valleede Joux watch-maker said, "When we first got the plans, it was insane." This case is the most complex ever. Every point has a different radius. It was just crazy. It was simply crazy. But, after finishing the first cases, it became our proudest achievement." Only the proprietary grade 5 titaniumsplined screws that fasten the bezel,caseband, and backcase together required hundreds of finishing and testing operations before it was completed.

The watch's inside was another revolution. It was the first timepiece to completely expose its engine. Giulio Papi is the co-founder Renaud et Papi. He was the high-complication mecca who worked on Mille’s first movement. "Richard wanted a watch you could look into and see every part of the engine. And how they worked." We created a watch that allowed you to see every component of the engine through a sapphire dial. To achieve perfection,rolex sky-dweller replica every component had to be perfect. We created the very first watch baseplate made from titanium to meet Richard's requirements. This was PVD coated to make the other parts stand out.

Gulio Papi

Mille chuckles in retrospect: "These titanium baseplates looked amazing and performed fantastically, however, they were a nightmare to watchmakers." With a simple screwdriver, they could disassemble the movement and throw away the baseplate before starting again. We had an injection rate of 70% at one point.

Papi and his team used two of the most revered watchmaking techniques to achieve Mille's signature splines. "We used hand-frosting to achieve the sandblasted effect, and black-polishing for the splines," says Papi.

Mille was most interested in optimizing shock-resistance. It was the tourbillon bridge. Mille explained that he wanted the tourbillon bridge's design to resemble an F1 car's suspension arm in both appearance and function. We came up with a two-sided, skeletonized bridge which was rigid horizontally, but allowed for some vertical deflection in case of shock. Richard is also a racing driver, so he added both a power reserve indicator and a torque indicator.Rolex Replica This will give you an indication of the power of the mainspring. According to Mille, "The greatest reason forsthe decrease in accuracy in watches and especially the tourbillon's is the reduction in torque as it unwinds." This indicator will let you know exactly the quality of torque at all times.

"Of course, the question that springs to mind is just what shock-resistant a tourbillon can possibly be despite all of these many innovations," Mille's response at my first meeting would shock, awe and perplex me. Mille casually removed his expensive production tourbillon and flung it around the room. It bounced off the floor, causing me to feel utter horror. Youhavetounderstandthat until u-boat replica, tourbillons were considered so delicate that Patek Philippe didn't even want them exposed to sunlight and they were handled with the most delicate of kid gloves. Mille calmly took the watch from him and handed it to me. It was amazing to see that the watch's case seemed unmarred. The golden balance wheel in thetourbillon, which is the heart of the watch, also continued to beat strong and unabated. Proof positive that Mille's message andmission resonated withirrefutablytruth.

The torque indicator indicates the mainspring tension,u-boat replica allowing for optimal movement timing.

Maximum power reserve of 70 hours

The tourbillon cage's ceramic endstone reflects a long-term technical and technical view toward eliminating wear phenomena. This results in imporved technical tribology

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