Feel cared for

When it comes to exhibiting at the world’s major venues you couldn’t be in safer hands. We support our clients at national and international events throughout the year.

“Not only do we get to move art around the world, we get to see the piece on display just as the artist intended.”

What do we offer?

  • Collections from galleries and artists.
  • Transportation customs documentation, clearance and delivery to exhibition stand.
  • Installation and hanging.
  • Collection service from all major fairs and exhibitions.
  • Stands and on-site packaging services to exhibitions and fairs.
  • Customer service support.
  • Full packing, shipping and installation services to all the main art fairs in the UK and Northern Hemisphere.
  • Technicians available to assist with set up and take down.
  • Temporary Admission facility into the UK available to international clients.
  • Insurance options offered.
  • Quick quotations available on request.

Frieze holds annual art fairs in both London and New York, dedicated to art that spans from ancient to modern.

At Frieze New York, Williams & Hill were responsible for the transport of items from around the world to their final destination in Manhattan. Our exhibition team also installed the art pieces on arrival.


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