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Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds unless specifically agreed with one of our representatives due to a service failure, or if your job is prepaid but subsequently cancelled.  The amount of cancellation refund is subject to time scales detailed in our Terms & Conditions.

If a refund is agreed, then it will be processed within 7 days of the Finance Team receiving the relevant information.


FuturePay Policy

Recurring Payment (FuturePay) Agreement

FuturePay is an online arrangement similar to Standing Orders and Direct Debits, but funds are debited from your debit or credit card.

Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreements may be set up to obtain payment on a repeat or regular basis for payment for the services the provider sells.


Initial Set-Up

We will email you via Futurepay the amounts and frequency to be paid. All the instructions are included within the email. Once you have completed all the required information, including your card details, you will be sent an email confirming your Futurepay Agreement ID (this email will also contain your username and password for your Shopper Management System – which allows you to control your payment information).


Making Payments

Once your agreement has been set up, payments will be automatically collected each time you have a job with us.

Each time a payment is debited from your card or bank account as part of your agreement, a transaction confirmation email is generated by our system and sent to the email address we have on record for you entered when your agreement was created.

If your card expires or if a payment is not authorised, we will send you an email to you to inform you of the steps you need to take within our Shopper Management System to resolve the issue.

If payment is not authorised Futurepay will not attempt any further payments for that payment period (Month), you will need to contact the office to arrange an alternative method of payment.


Cancellation Policy

Should you wish to cancel your FuturePay agreement please contact our office.

Once we have been given notice, we will automatically cancel your Futurepay Agreement so no further payments will be taken.


Agreement Type

We offer the following type of Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreement:

Limited agreements, where you can take variable payments at any time, within limits that you place on:  a) the total amount payable, and b) the interval of payments.

Regular agreements, where payments occur at regular fixed intervals and you can fix or vary the amount paid.